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National release motor plans to raise the market efficiency for 3 years

2015/9/19 16:06:34 Click Number:3359
Energy consumption of the motor system is the key areas of national energy conservation policy, also is one of the "twelfth five-year" key projects for energy conservation and emissions reduction, the ministry of industry and quality supervision, inspection and quarantine Day, issued the national motor efficiency plan (2013 ~ 2015) ", is expected to drive the high efficiency machine and related equipment demand of nearly one hundred billion yuan.

According to the plan, through the motor product upgrading, is expected in 2015 when the implementation power saving 80 billion KWH, equivalent to create a new Yangtze river three gorges project. In the concrete Target, plan, by 2015, 50% of the low-voltage three-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor products, 40% of the high voltage motor to achieve efficient motor efficiency Standard specification; Promote efficient motor is 170 million kw, 27 million kw, 2014, 2013 extension 54 million kw, 2015, 89 million Kw.

Contrast eliminated roadmap, the enterprise in accordance with the backward motor selection target tasks, make the plan of three years out, eliminated with inefficient motor 160 million kilowatts, implementation of the motor System energy saving 100 million kilowatts, 2013 of which 30 million kw motor system and reconstruction of 2014 30 million kilowatts, 2015, 40 million kilowatts.

Incorporate computation, the next three years to promote efficient motor 170 million kw and the motor system energy saving 100 million kw, according to estimates, efficient motors and related Equipment needs to nearly one hundred billion yuan. Along with the advancement of energy efficiency enhancement, efficient motor market demand will be gradually released, increasing year by year.